Teach Healthy Concepts of Masculinty/Femininity

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At the heart of most of the social ills that we are facing as a society are the issues of false masculine and feminine identity. The culture scripts men to equate their self-worth to their net-worth and women to see their beauty/body type from the outside in instead of from the inside out. These issues need to be corrected for young people to grow into healthy flourishing adults who are secure in their intrinsic worth.

Strategy Overview

Find a time during the season to have a conversation about the issues of masculinity and/or femininity with your athletes. The following video links provide great teachings on the real issues that young boys and girls are dealing with as they navigate the path to healthy adulthood.

After you play the video(s), process the content of the videos with your athletes. Once the issues have been raised and discussed, have your eyes open for teachable moments throughout the remainder of the season to expose the lies of masculinity/femininity or correct behaviors that find their motive in false definitions of manhood/womanhood.

Masculinity Videos:

Femininity Videos:

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