3D Coaching for Business

3D Coaching for Business

We help leaders create a culture in business that drives success and makes a significant impact in the lives of everyone involved in the organization.

What Legacy Will You Leave as a Leader?

3D Coaching empowers you to foster a high-performing team while making a positive difference in the individual lives of everyone involved.

We help leaders achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose by mastering the art of 3D Coaching. 3D will help you create a culture that fuels success in business while sharpening the life skills people need to succeed at home and in the community.

That’s the essence of 3D Coaching and it creates a very significant legacy.

We help leaders create their dream culture by leveraging proven 3D Coaching principles from the world of sport and applying them to leadership in any industry.

“With so much out in the world around skills and skills development, it is refreshing to have an in depth course that takes the whole being into consideration in order to "Expect to Win." We need more learning on the mindset and heart set to go along with the skillset and 3D Coaching For Business Leaders has done that.”

Does This Sound Familiar?

In the high-stakes world of business leadership, the pressure is relentless. The unyielding demand for results, the pursuit of profitability, and the constant drive to meet targets can become all-consuming. Paychecks depend on it.

Yet, here’s the paradox: success hinges not just on numbers and strategies, but on the people powering your organization.

Somewhere in the pursuit of success, a critical element often gets lost in the shuffle—the human factor. Your team members aren’t just cogs in the machine; they’re the lifeblood, the driving force behind every success story waiting to unfold. They crave more than just a paycheck; they seek purpose, recognition, and a sense of belonging.

While most leaders recognize this, the relentless demands of the bottom line creates pressure to prioritize profits over people. This is where the downward spiral begins, leading to an unhealthy culture.

You Cannot Afford an Unhealthy Culture

Unengaged Workers

An unmotivated team is an unproductive team, costing your organization valuable time and money while diminishing the quality of your output.

Workplace Stress

A bad culture often amplifies negative harmful emotions that undermine motivation, confidence and team cohesion, making great teamwork a seemingly impossible task.

Boredom and Burnout

A lack of purpose at work leads to a lack of fulfillment at work, and people quit from boredom or burnout. Or, worse yet, they stay and "quiet quit."

Leading Today is Hard

Issues like these can certainly make 21st century leadership extremely FRUSTRATING at times. But successfully coaching people through these challenges also makes it an extremely REWARDING endeavor.

By helping you become a more effective coach, 3D can help you to transcend these challenges, persevere in your purpose and unlock all the rewards that being successful has to offer. But remember, the BEST reward will be found in the legacy you leave behind.

As your team members become leaders not only at work, but in their families and  the community, they’ll be a living testimony to your generational impact as a 3D Coach. Their lives represent the true value of your reward, and it’s an appraisal in the end that will be deemed nothing short of PRICELESS.

“This training brings together training concepts, ideas and initiatives that every organization and group will find valuable. It also gives participants at every level of the group a common language in which to express themselves.”

You're the Hero, 3D is the Guide

To overcome today’s leadership challenges, it’s important to remember that 3D by itself doesn’t fix anything. Only you can be the hero of your coaching story. Our role at 3DI is to be your guide on the journey.

Since 2014, we’ve successfully helped tens of thousands of leaders clarify their purpose, develop 3D strategies, and shape a culture where performance is high and the love is real.

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Offered for credit in colleges and universities
Implemented in hundreds organizations
Content has also been adapted for leaders in sport and education.

don’t just take our word for it

Great course that challenged, yet led towards success.

Bruce Lundy
City Administrator
This course really did give the right language and activities to engage our group to elaborate on different aspects of each of our leadership journeys.

Makaela Gabriel
Small Business Owner
This course has my highest recommendation. It is a life-line at a time when so many folks and so many organizations are struggling to find their way through this 'brave new world'.
John Cool
Nonprofit Treasurer

Choose Your Path for the 3D Journey


Choose this path if you would like to explore the 3D Journey as an individual leader.


Choose this path if you are responsible for training leaders in an organization.

A Plan For Coaching The Coaches

Leaders are an organization’s greatest asset when it comes to shaping culture, yet they often lack training in the areas where they can make the most impact (2nd & 3rd Dimensions). Let’s change that together.

“This course has given very beneficial insight for one's journey in self-reflection when it comes to their role and influence within the realm of business and abroad.”

4 Phases to Integrate the 3D Framework

We help organizations use the 3D Framework to shape culture through four phases. However, these aren’t rigid timelines as teams move at their own pace based on their existing culture.

1 1: Imagination
2 2: Exploration
3 3: Implementation
4 4: Operation
1: Imagination


Target Group: Executives, Board Members, Owners, Administrators, Directors, Decision-Makers

Key Concept: Leaders as Visionary Pioneers

Objective: Empower organizational leaders to rekindle their visionary drive, fostering an understanding of how the 3D framework facilitates the journey towards their envisioned culture. It's a phase dedicated to reimagining the dream culture and strategizing the team's progression toward this future vision.

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2: Exploration


Target Group: Influencers

Key Concept: Early Adopters as Trailblazers

Engage early adopters to scout out the 3D terrain ahead of the crowd. Involving them in this exploration builds crucial buy-in, preparing the ground for your transition to phase 3.

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3: Implementation


Target Group: All Team Members

Key Concept: Unity in the 3D Journey

Objective: Having secured leaders and ambassadors, it's time for all team members to embark on the 3D Journey together. This phase involves implementing comprehensive 3D training for the entire team, fostering a unified purpose, aligning efforts, establishing a shared language, and embracing a common framework, regardless of roles

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4: Operation


Target Audience: Stakeholders and Decision-Makers

Key Concept: Systematize for Sustainability

Objective: This phase focuses on identifying and integrating the necessary systems and processes essential for sustaining the envisioned culture. It's the stage where the 3D framework becomes ingrained in the organization's ethos and operations, ensuring its enduring presence in the organizational fabric.

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Our Services

Courses for business leaders, a resource library with ancillary resources and an online community to connect with others.

Keynote presentations, professional development workshops, convention breakouts and leadership summits.

We will help you identify and implement the systems and processes to support an architected culture.​
A hybrid experience of on-demand courses and live video conferences with a cohort of others, led by a 3DI guide.
Work with 3D content creators to build a course specific to your organization’s needs based on the 3D Framework

It's Your Turn To Get Started

You can’t be a tour guide to a land you haven’t traveled. It's your journey to take first.

Start the Journey

No need to overcomplicate it. Let’s keep things simple. 


Get Complimentary Access to 3D Training


Complete the Training at Your Own Pace


Implement Your Vision and Get Results

"We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training."

As your guide, we recommend starting this venture with our 3D Coaching Course for Certification. We believe it’s the best entry point to the 3D Journey because it sets a baseline of training that will serve you for a lifetime.

Module 1, which includes 15+ minutes of insightful and helpful content, is our gift to you. No credit card required to sign up; you can then decide if it’s worth investing in. The only cost to start is your time and attention.

You’ll quickly find out, this course isn’t a mere checklist. Here is how one business leader put it:

"I really enjoyed this course. We actually used it as applied to a business and it related fantastically. It gave me confidence to continue in some of the things I had already been doing and provided insight and strategies in areas that were new. I never could have written a meaningful purpose statement without first taking this course!!"

Here are a few of the treasures you'll find on the 3D Journey

A Foundation of Purpose for Your Coaching

You'll uncover timeless principles to clarify your "why," not just at work but in life—a foundational understanding of what guides your journey.

Strategies to Motivate People from Within

Learn to ignite and sustain intrinsic motivation within yourself and your team—a powerful tool for continuous growth and success.

A Process for 3D Decision-Making

Develop a common language and 3D approach to your decision-making, one that fosters creativity and strategic thinking, crucial for effective coaching.

Our strategies ‘work,’ but this course isn’t just about driving performance; it’s about personal transformation. It prompts introspection, guiding you to rethink your coaching role BEFORE integrating 3D strategies into your plan. The process matters.

For most, this is where the 3D Journey begins.
For others, this is where it can begin again.

Welcome to the 3D Journey